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Company Overview

We are a Puerto Rican insurance company where we work with attention for each of our clients in a personalized way. We are dedicated to miscellaneous insurance policies, contingency, surety, life and health insurance, and we excel in commercial, personal and condominium insurance accounts. We also handle specialized lines.

As we have almost 50 years of experience, we understand the behavior of the Puerto Rican people and the risks to which our country and our families are frequently exposed to. We are the support of each of our clients in case of an eventuality. We assume  the risk for you and assist you in order to resolve your situation in the most diligent possible way.

Humberto Donato Insurance Inc. remains at the forefront of existing policies in the market to determine, according to your needs and goals, the best way you, your family and your belongings can be insured.

Humberto Donato Insurance

Our Mission

Our Mission is to make your safety our priority, to help you live in tranquility in case of an upcoming unexpected event, in order to meet your insurance needs in relation to the risks to which you may be exposed.

You are our number one customer. We strive to know you personally and to treat you as the important person you are.


The history of Humberto Donato Insurance Inc. began in 1968 with the vision of growth and development of its President and Founder, Humberto Donato Brugueras and his commitment to Puerto Rico to help it recover in case of any catastrophic or risk event.

His strategic thoughts have allowed the progress of the company to evolve from its origins as an insurance agent to become the first authorized representatives of all the prestigious insurance companies in Puerto Rico, placing us in one of the most privileged positions in the country. In addition, offer a wide variety of services and enjoy a solid portfolio of loyal customers who appreciate our personalized treatment and interest shown by their well-being.

Our company dedicated to miscellaneous, contingency, surety, life and health insurance, specializes in commercial accounts for large and small businesses, personal and condominium insurance.

His son Miguel Donato Solís joined his excellent work group, more than twenty years ago, as a representation of constancy and stability in the future of the company. With his integration, they joined traditional methods, conservative thinking and the evolution of the insurance industry in Puerto Rico during the past years, with the modern reasoning and the current advance of its development, to achieve the best possible result for each client. This continuity allows the transmission of ethical and professional values that have always characterized Humberto Donato Insurance Inc., and the familiar treatment that provides a direct and effective communication, which extends to each of its clients, allowing a greater proximity and understanding of their needs and objectives.

Humberto Donato Insurance Inc., is a long-term project that stands out for its ability to make decisions with the speed and effectiveness that the affairs of each client require. We have a professional staff with extensive experience in the field of insurance and represent the most prestigious insurance companies and economic strength in Puerto Rico.

Humberto Donato Brugueras


He studied Business Administration with a concentration in Economics, which, added to his years of experience in the insurance industry in Puerto Rico, have made him stand out in analyzing and designing policies for different risks and establishing adequate cover for each of his clients. One of his greatest satisfactions is to process a claim until it ends with the payment of the same.

Miguel Donato Solís

Vice President

His Master of Insurance is the complement that, along with his years of experience, makes him a connoisseur of all types of insurance in the industry. His constant availability allows you him to serve the client when you is needed need it most, when you are presented with an unexpected situation. He holds the certifications of Insurance Institute of America and Enterprise Risk Management of Willis Re of London.

Amelia Solís de Donato

Secretary and Treasurer

When Amelia Donato got married 48 years ago, she knew that she was entering the wonderful world of insurance. In almost five decades of experience in the field, she has had the opportunity to see how new risks have been identified, and how new insurances have been created. “Every day I feel prouder of belonging to the insurance industry in Puerto Rico, and of being able to give service to our clients and to all who come to this office looking for information and guidance. It is our way of contributing to build a better Puerto Rico. “

Lourdes Nieves

General Manager

She has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with concentration in Management, which, through her years of experience in the industry, have prepared her to avidly identify the most competitive premium in the market to meet the needs of each of her clients. She remains at the forefront of the changes that occur in the industry every day and stands out for her close relationship with customers. She also has a Commercial Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation.

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