Questions and Answers

We are always at your disposition to answer any of your questions. Here are the most common questions and answers as a general guideline.

What is insurance?

Insurance is a means of protection from financial loss, it  protects the beneficiary in case the established risk occurs. It is a contract of adhesion between the insured and the insurer, prepared by the company, which establishes that in case of a risk or catastrophic event  with economic consequences, the agreed payment will be processed subject to the limits and conditions of the established insurance contract.

Am I at risk?

Yes, we all are. A risk is something that can happen, an event outside the human will that has economic consequences. If there is a risk, there is a high probability that a policy that protects it exists.

Types of insurable risks

– Those that affect the lives of people:

  • Death
  • Illness or disability

– Those that affect the goods:

  • Nature phenomena such as floods, hurricanes or earthquakes
  • Accidents such as fires, mechanical floods, explosions, etc.
  • Acts of destruction such as vandalism
  • Car Accidents
  • Theft of property

– Those affecting third parties:

  • Property of another person
  • Bodily Injury (Public Liability)

Who chooses my insurance?

You choose it, preferably,  with the advice of an insurance professional. We, as experts in the industry and knowledgeable about the policies available in the market, recommend you the products that are best for you to make the decision based on your needs, objectives and product/policies design.

How is the premium calculated?

It is calculated according to the value of the assets, and to the probability and exposure that is at risk.

Can a policy ensure specific events?

Yes, you can ensure an event or activity that takes place on a single specific day or several days.

What does the insurance pay?

It pays the losses that can be produced by the risks that are insured, after clarifying the deductibles and conditions of the contract.

Is it important to update my policies?

Of course, because it allows the economic compensation to be made according to the current situation and that the premium to pay is adequate.

When does my policy expire?

Your policies are automatically renewed annually, as long as your payments are kept current, or according to contract terms.

How do I claim insurance?

Contact Humberto Donato Insurance Inc. and we will guide you in the process to follow and we will give you the service to process your claim.

Payment Methods

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